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Azusa Engineering Go-Kart Kit

Everything you need to construct a go-kart except the engine and clutch! Live axle set-up not found in most fun karts. Includes wheel halves, bucket seat, seat cover, chain, steering shaft and much more. Also includes detailed assembly instructions. U.S.A.After your assembly is complete and prior to any operation, have the vehicle examined by a qualified and knowledgeable professional to ensure proper assembly, operation, safety and compliance with all applicable laws. The safety of the rider depends on it. Front Tire Size (in.): 11 1/2, Brakes: 6 in. drum, Rear Tire Size (in.): 11 1/2, Color: Bare steel, Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 56 x 38 x 30, Wheel Diameter (in.): 5, Application: Go-kart kit, Tire Size (in.): 11 1/2, Weight Capacity (lbs.): 160

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