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Go Karts for Kids


Karting is not only an adult sport, in fact it’s fun for everyone regardless of their age.

While karting may seem like a tough sport for most parents,we all know that karting is much more than changing tires and rushing adrenaline.

Read on more below to find out more about the benefits of karting for your child and why you should get them started now!


What is Kid Karting?

Basically, kid karts are smaller versions of racing karts, they consist of small 2 or 4 stroke engines that run on 2HP. They are designed for children ages 5-7 years of age and  can go anywhere from 30 to 40MPH. Like most Go Karts, Kid Karts also race on the same track as Go Karts which can be either an asphalt road or dirt oval.

Your first step will be on your local track with fellow enthusiasts, this allows your child to have a better understanding of how karting works. Find out what they run there, what parts or kind of kart other parents picked out for their child or get some advice as you watch your child race with his friends and other children.

Karting for children doesn’t necessarily require prior experience but it can be still be as difficult as any sport. Your child will be learning all about safety on the tracks and not just how to drive a Go Kart which can help them drive a vehicle more better later in life, karting is also a great outlet for your child to fuel his passion for racing and other motor sports.

Where Can I Get Kid Karts?

With most local tracks offering kid karts, your child will be racing on asphalt in no time, however, you shouldn’t get too hung up on your child’s first kart, both you and your child will eventually evolve into the sport. It’s recommended that you buy a used Go Kart for your child. Buy a kart from a family who’s child is moving up to a new kart or your local race track and even online. Have the kart squared away, replace certain parts like cables, the seat and the pedals. Keep in mind that reliability and safety is what you want for your child’s first kart rather than style and speed.

Your child’s first Go Kart is similar to their clothes, at least for some time, so it’s better to start with used parts until your child decides and commits to the sport of karting. If you’re still unconvinced about letting your child get into karting or are unsure about buying used karts, perhaps a smart Go Kart is for you.

go-kart-race-kids Whether you’re 10 or entering your golden years, Go Karting is a fun experience for people of all ages.

Go Karting is also a confidence building sport for your child because he learns a variety of skills such as driving techniques, vehicle control and winning is a plus. Karting is also a team building sport for your child as it puts him in an interactive environment with others. Plus, karting doesn’t have to be between you and your child, you can let your family in join the fun in karting. So hop on over to the nearest racing track in your city and bring your family with you.

Go Kart Racing Tracks near you

If you are ready to give your kid a great experience, you can check out our map showing you the nearest Go Kart Racing locations.

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